Animal Chiropractic

Animals need chiropractic care just as much as people do. They have the constant ware and tare from day to day life. If you have a couple of animals I'm sure they do the normal rough housing. Sometimes in their day to day lives or through a traumatic event (falling off the bed, running into walls, rough play, being ridden, etc.) they can get irritation and interference in their nervous system (their main functioning center), and it does not allow their brain to communicate with the rest of their body (this interference we call a subluxation). When the subluxation remains this can cause dis-ease. This may appear as aggression, sadness, soreness, always getting sick, irritability, not wanting to play, refusing to eat hard food, limping (or other gait abnormalities), and any other abnormal behavior that your animal doesn't normally show. For horses it is also common to see bucking, kicking, biting, acting out when being ridden, etc. Animals love being with people especially their owners. If they start not wanting to be with you or no longer want to do the things they used to love this is a big sign that their nervous system is not functioning well. You can help them to feel better by scheduling them to get adjusted.
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*All Animals must have a vet referral before they can be seen*